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January 18, 2022

(These minutes are not a verbatim transcript, but rather the attempt of the Clerk to
capture the intent of the speaker. All votes were taken via Roll Call Vote.)

1. Call to Order
Mayor Emilie Mitcham called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was
held virtually through Zoom.

2. Pledge of Allegiance
Those present stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll Call
Present: Emilie Mitcham, Sean Davis, Mladenka Boehrer, Kathleen Bailey, Brittany
Loecher, Catherine Colwell and Brent Metz. A quorum was established.
Staff in attendance: Police Chief Steve Davis, Town Attorney Dan Harvey, Public
Works Director Gene Bird, Town Clerk Margy Greer, and Court Clerk Robert

4. Consent Agenda
Mayor Mitcham pulled Item 4K from the Consent Agenda. Item 4K - First Reading
Ordinance No. 2022-01-1 SA-An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 of the Town of
Mountain View Municipal Code by the Addition of a new Article entitled

Town Clerk Greer read the Consent Agenda into the record. The Consent Agenda
consisted of the following Items 4A through 4J:

A. Resolution 2022-01-18A-A Resolution Approving and Adopting the Town of
Mountain View's Council Rules and Procedures

B. Resolution 2022-01-1 SB -A Resolution Authorizing the Negotiation, Finalization
and Execution of an Agreement Between Professional Management Solutions, LLC
and the Town of Mountain View to Prepare a Recommended Salary and Benefits
Plan for the Town of Mountain View.

C. Resolution No. 2022-01-18C -A Resolution Establishing the Finance Committee
and Setting Forth the Duties and Authority Thereof

D. Resolution 2022-01-1 BD -A Resolution Establishing the Historical Mountain
View Committee and Setting Forth the Duties Thereof

E. Resolution 2022-01-1 BE -A Resolution Establishing the Events Committee and
Setting Forth the Duties Thereof

F. Resolution 2022-01-1 BF -A Resolution Establishing the Town Hall Remodel
Planning and Recommendation Committee and Setting Forth the Duties Thereof

G. Resolution 2022-01-1 BG -A Resolution Appointing Council Member Kathleen
Bailey to the Website Improvements Project

H. Resolution 2022-01-1 BH -A Resolution Approving Appointments of Council
Members to Various Committees

I. Resolution 2022-01-18I-A Resolution Establishing a Designated Public Place for
the Posting of Meeting Notices as Required by the Colorado Open Meetings Law

J. Approval of Minutes of the December 13, 2021 Town Council Meeting
Council Member Bailey made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. It was
seconded by Council Member Colwell. With all those present voting Yes, the motion carried.

Council Member Davis made a motion to table Item 4K- Ordinance No. 2022-01-
18A. It was seconded by Council Member Loecher. With all those present voting
Yes, the motion carried.

5. Public Comment
Lisa Maurath of Ames St - wanted to ensure that the Town considered the cost of
insurance and the liability to the Town regarding having an individual who is not a
Town employee using the Town's snow plow to plow the streets.

6. Staff Updates/Reports
A. Town Attorney Daniel Harvey - No report.

B. Police Department - Chief Steve Davis - Thanked the residents for all the "thank
you" cards the Department received; stated Office McElroy took a position in Mead, CO; Department will no longer be doing VIN inspections; and spoke about finding historical items while the Department cleaned out the Town garage.

C. Public Works Department - Director Gene Bird - Announced he would be retiring
this year and looking for a replacement to train alongside him, hoping for a smooth transition. Council agreed that a Council committee should be formed to
interview and make hiring recommendations.

Bird stated that his report was included in the Agenda Packet which included
information about the cost of hiring a different slow plowing service vs. what the
Town is currently doing (hiring an individual to snow plow using Town-owned
equipment). Mayor Mitcham stated Mark Kehm is doing a good job, currently. After
much discussion, Council agreed to continue with the current contract with Mark
Kehm and will review it again in the 2023 budget discussions.

D. Court Clerk - Robert Maestas - Stated his report was included in the Agenda
Packet and reviewed it with the Council.

E. Town Clerk - Margy Greer - Stated her report was included in the Agenda
Packet and highlighted a few items including working with Xpress Pay Online and
working with Code Publishing to finalize the changes to the Code. She will be
working with Council Member Bailey to incorporate Bill Pay into the website so that residents can pay their bills online in the future.

7. Presentation - A Comprehensive Master Plan
- Travis Reynolds of SafeBuilt,
LLC, gave a PowerPoint Presentation and explained the components of how a
Comprehensive Master Plan is established. Mr. Reynolds stated that a Master Plan is for community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. He spoke about what should be included in a Master Plan such as vision, goals, direction for the future, future land use guidelines, and strategies for meeting future goals.

Travis Reynolds stated that Colorado communities are required to have a
Comprehensive Plan adopted by its Planning Commission, to be advisory in nature, but can be binding when incorporated with land use regulations. A recreation and tourism component are also required. He also spoke about the need for an updated Plan for Mountain View. The current Plan is dated October 2000.

Mr. Reynolds spoke to how the Comprehensive Plan relates to the Town Policies and Ordinances; how the Comprehensive Plan is used by the Town; the components of a Plan; the steps involved in creating a Plan; the needed team; the required outreach; and practical realities of the cost and time to complete a Comprehensive Plan.

A question and answer period followed between Council and Travis Reynolds. Attorney Daniel Harvey stated he would be glad to review any RFP for deliverables and suggested that DOLA may have grant funding to help communities with the Plan.

Mayor Mitcham stated that a steering committee was needed to help look into next steps. Council Member Boehrer volunteered to help.

8. Recess - Mayor Mitcham called a recess at 8:28 pm and reconvened the meeting at 8:38 pm.

9. Presentation - Board of Adjustment and Appeals (BOAA) - Attorney Daniel Harvey stated the Memo enclosed in Council's packet needed little updating. He explained the BOAA consists of 5 members. A quorum would be 3. A majority vote would be 3 members. The BOAA is comprised of tax paying residents. He will research further to see if that would be defined by only property owners of the Town or not. He stated that the members act as judges in a quasi-judicial setting. Training would be needed. The BOAA would meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. After discussion, it was decided that applications and interviews will take place by Council after the openings are advertised online and on the community bulletin boards.

10. General Business
A. Sidewalk Repairs Discussion
Mayor Mitcham stated that she will continue to look into how to get the repairs done and set up a Study Session to discuss it further at a future time.

B. Town Tree Safety Discussion
Mayor Mitcham stated that after the Marshall Fire, the trimming and removal of dead trees/limbs came to the top of the list. The current Code may need to be changed to accommodate trimming residents' trees. There are fire mitigation funds available they may help with the cost of a program. She stated she would look into hiring an arborist to help with the trees in the public rights-of-way.

C. PTO Accumulated during COVID Discussion
Mayor Mitcham stated that she has allowed staff to carry over their PTO into the new year because of the COVID absences and short-staffing in 2021.

D. Workshop Meetings to Reduce Regular Meeting Length Discussion
Mayor Mitcham stated that she would like to have a workshop/study session once a month as well as the monthly regular meetings. She stated that workshops/study sessions would give Council time to discuss issues in depth which will then show up on a regular meeting agenda for a vote. In addition, promising to hold only a 2-hour session would be helpful. Extra sessions would be held on the first Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm.
Council members believed it would be helpful but some were concerned about the amount of time being spent in the meetings. A 3-month trial was agreed upon.

11. Mayor and Council Reports
Catherine Colwell - stated the Historical Mountain View Committee wants to work at Town Hall on the items in the file cabinet. Former Mayor Betty Van Haarte is working on items from the old Gazette newspapers.

Sean Davis - gave a brief Finance Committee Report.

Brittany Loecher - stated the Events Committee has a new form that needs to be
completed for every event. It will help with preplanning, costs, and other needs for the events.

Brent Metz - stated an architect was hired and is doing very preliminary work to
evaluate Town Hall and the staff and Towns' needs versus the existing building. He
plans on meeting with the Mayor and Chief and others and will then work on plan
options for remodeling/rebuilding Town Hall.

Kathleen Bailey - stated she has made some minor changes to the website. The
account manager with Civiclive has been very responsive and helpful. She stated she was wanting feedback on her changes. She will post the agenda and minutes and public notices.

12. Adjournment
Council Member Boehrer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mayor Mitcham
adjourned the meeting at 9:46 p.m.

Emilie Mitcham, Mayor
ATTEST: Margy Greer, Town Clerk

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