Severely Damaged Sidewalk Repair Program Summary

As a community, one of our most fundamental shared values is that of safety. A sidewalk panel that is lifted, uneven, or deteriorated is a tripping hazard for our family, friends and neighbors.
The Town recognizes that the maintenance and repair of existing sidewalks within the Town is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents and community. Town Code Chapter 11, Article 2, Sections 020-050 place the responsibility for sidewalk maintenance and repair upon adjacent property owners.

This grant program was developed by the Mayor, Town Council, Mountain View Public Works, and Town Hall Clerk, in recognition that this obligation can come with significant cost. The primary goal of the program is to begin sidewalk code enforcement efforts in Town, prioritizing the most severely damaged portions, and making funds available to assist residential owner-occupied properties that need it the most.

Please note that your application and/or participation in this program does not release you from compliance with all related provisions of the Town Code, including but not limited to Sections 11-02-020 through 11-02-050.

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